Monday, April 23, 2012

It Was Good

This past weekend was good.

It was perfect.  Full of sunshine, happiness and not one bad moment.  Everyone got along and life was beautiful.

Well of course that is overselling it a bit.  But it was good.

There was hours and hours of baseball games.  
There was hours and hours of Barbies.  

There was hours and hours of cars.
Glad none of the parents worry too much about their kids getting dirty at the baseball games. 
There was even a little time for a hot date.  
Which consisted of sneaking a gluten-filled pizza in the house after hours and watching an episode of The Good Wife.  We are one wild and crazy couple.

Of course, it wasn't perfect.  It was freezing at all the baseball games and we wore snow hats and winter coats.  JT got stuck in a tree, 20 feet up in a tree (of course we got him down safely).  Lucy was highly emotional and reacting in big ways to every little thing.  I fell asleep on the couch Friday night while Tim was telling me about his day.  

But the good this weekend outweighed all the dumb imperfect moments and to be honest it's been a long time since we had a weekend when that happened.  It was definitely a good weekend.

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