Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go Lick Your Arm Pit

The first full week day of spring break was, um, long.  

My husband, Tim, returned home from the weekend at Peyton's baseball tournament a little run down.  He went to the doctor Monday morning and discovered he has Strep.  So, he has been quarantined until the antibiotics kick in.  

I will spend the rest of the week cleaning (which I suck at), sanitizing and trying to keep everyone healthy.  And oh yeah, entertained (which I suck at too).

Yesterday the kids were pretty satisfied with the freedom of no school, playing in the backyard and challenging each other.  Challenging stuff like "Can you lick your arm pit?" That exercise (courtesy of Peyton, my 10 year old) kept a few of them busy for quite a while.  

They made deafening beautiful music together (with pots and pans).
Until they didn't and someone was left out and feelings were hurt.
"I have a secret," Lucy told me yesterday.  "A secret that all kids know."
Intrigued, but nervous, I asked if she could tell me.
"Okay, but don't tell anyone," she said gravely.  "Parents just don't understand."

The only thing running through my head besides relief was old school Will Smith.  

And then I wanted to laugh, but I didn't.  I just looked at her, nodded and gave her a hug, telling her "I know parents are dumb."

She followed up with "Life's not fair."  At that moment as I was crawling around on my hands and knees picking up the damn Easter craft I bought for the them, that Wade ripped into pieces and threw everywhere; thinking about how I had seven more days of Spring Break going no where to survive fill with fun. I laughed. 

"I totally understand more than you know," I said. "Now go see if you can lick your armpit."

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