Friday, April 6, 2012

No Sinking Ships Please

Around this time of year, I love to watch one of my all time favorite movies Chocolat.  

It is such a great story about acceptance, friendship and it is set in France. Sigh.  It is really quite lovely.  Sure some people watch The Ten Commandments every year around it Easter, but I prefer Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche.

This is quickly going to turn into that kind of post.  The kind of post that will make people mad.  So mad they may unlike  me on Facebook or unsubscribe to the blog's RSS feed.  But I speak the truth, my truth and I apologize if it offends you, but I will not lie.

Here it goes...
I do not like the movie Titanic.  I've never been a fan of Leo DiCaprio as a leading love interest, especially when he looked like he was 14.  Now that it is being rereleased, the movie is being forced into my mind again.   A sinking ship with scrambling passengers falling to their death now in 3-D?  No f-ing way.  I saw the plain old non 3-D movie in the theater 15 years ago and had a mini-panic attack.  Nothing, not even a cheesy, but lovely Celine Dion song could make me go see that movie.

While I'm being honest I might as well keep going.  I didn't like The Blindside or The Help either.  Gasp! I know.  Nice messages, but both of those movies seemed a tad condescending to me. Oversimplified.  Yes, I realize they were nice sweet movies about people doing something good, but frankly those movies should've been on Lifetime.  With all the incredible talent, imagination, creativity and acting out there, these movies just didn't do it for me.

If you haven't stopped reading in disgust and are willing to go the distance I will share some movies that I do enjoy. (There are so many, for real.)  

My most recent favorite: Midnight In Paris
So many good things about this movie.  I am a Woody Allen fan, maybe because I can relate to his neurotic over-analysis and quirkiness.  Allen isn't in this movie that he wrote and directed, but Owen Wilson plays the Woody-like role so well. And it's in France. 

A classic favorite that is weirdly funny: Flirting With Disaster
Lilly Tomlin, Alan Alda, Mary Tyler Moore, Ben Stiller and more. Need I say more?  It's about marriage, parents and acid trips. Need I say more?  I laugh every time I see this movie.

Some other movies that I watch every year are:
Parenthood-Tim and I relive scenes from this move every damn day. And we mostly love it.

The Family Stone (Christmas-time tradition)

Fried Green Tomatoes

Up (The scene, you know the one, gets me every time.)

Singing in the Rain Feeling down? Watch this clip. LOVE it.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (I heart John Candy.)

To Kill a Mockingbird- This movie is celebrating its 50th anniversary and will be shown on the USA network on April 7th.  President Obama will introduce the newly restored 1962 classic with a special videotaped message. Click here to read more about that.

There are really so very many more movies I love.  Just not Titanic.  No sinking ships please.


  1. totally watched "to kill a mockingbird" over the weekend, while hanging out with a crabby, teething baby and it was just as awesome as i remembered.

    also, in every post, i'm going to start pulling out a line that i'd like to wear on a t-shirt. here's the one for this post: "Yes, I realize they were nice sweet movies about people doing something good, but frankly those movies should've been on Lifetime."


  2. In a week when I am full of self-doubt, your comments are making everything better. For real. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  3. Guess What?! I'm not a Titanic fan either. I saw it once - 15 or so years ago (whenever it was)... no movie should be 3 hours long - especially in a theater. LOL! (I remember a friend of mine from back them, i honestly think she saw it 20 times, and I'm NOT exaggerating that number!)

    But i have a confession (GASP!)
    I've never seen most of the movies you mentioned (except of course Parenthood and Planes, Trains, & Automobiles)
    I don't have netflix (yet) but i may have to get it - or check out the library's movie selections, just to check out Midnight in Paris, Flirting with Disaster, and Friend Green Tomatoes.
    I saw To Kill A Mockingbird was going to be on, and I forgot... bummer. I'll have to add that to my que.

    Thanks Angela!!