Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

It's National Poetry Month.
I know this fact, not because I am poetry hipster.  No, I know this fact because my second-and fourth-graders are studying poetry in honor of it being National Poetry Month.

Anytime my kids are doing something at school that actually interests me (I just don't care about math at all, sorry) I get very excited.  Excited to contribute, excited to share something with them.  Excited to rediscover an old love with/through my children.

I've always loved writing, storytelling, poetry, words.  Sigh.  Many times it is the only way I can express myself.  I have boxes full of journals that date back to fourth grade and many filled with ridiculous attempts at writing poetry. No worries, I'll spare you the dark, and what I used to think were so deep, poems about lost loves.
Lucy reading a beautiful poem for the family during dinner, while a shirtless Wade was slurping up noodles.
We are very civilized.

Spoken word poetry, slam poetry, def poetry jam.  Oh my, it is a dream to attend a live poetry slam someday.  Until then, thank god for YouTube.  Here's a woman that I love and she gave a speech (including this amazing poem) at TedTalks.  When I watch Tedtalks, much like listening to NPR, I always feel smarter.  Watch this.  Be inspired. Feel happier.  I promise.

I've mentioned my wall of words in my bathroom before, but here is the only poem on the wall.  It is cut from the original ditto I got in a college lit class a million years ago when people used words like "ditto." Great poem, great motto. 

Click here for ways to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Even if you don't read a poem, but listen to a little Jay Z, you will still be celebrating National Poetry Month.  Yeah, "Big Pimpin" is poetry.  Believe it.


  1. i DO believe it. this is a post close to my heart - an actual degree in poetry, holla!

    OH and you can sign up for a poem of the day from the american academy of poetry - did you know? it's true! http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/345