Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hyper Local

Hey, check me out.  I'm looking for a new ride and I get to do it with the help of my friends town.
Click here to read and watch.
I'm doing some fun stuff with"a community-specific news and information platform" from the great minds at AOL Huffington Post Media Group.  

They call it "hyper local" which I f-ing love.  My whole life I've been a bit hyper (except when I'm depressed, waaaah).  Yeah, I might've been called "spaz" in my school years.  But all those name calling bullies can suck it because now there are places for hyper people like me, places like my "hyper local"

And in the words of Karen Carpenter "we've only just begun," I will be test driving cars, writing about cars and maybe vlogging a bit about cars for the next couple months over on Patch.  

I'll keep you posted here every now and then on my journey.  

For some history on the my current ride, the van, click here.

Just because I had's the great Karen Carpenter, and her brother.  I love the Carpenters, but I'll save my Carpenters story for another blog post.  

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